Brave New World.

Urgent Message to World! To the Brave New World!”
“Oh God! Why did you hid this book from me?” 

This amazing piece of dystopian future and literature have crafted an image in my mind which is scary and yet so accurate. The Philosopher and writer Aldous Huxley, have played everything so wonderfully accurate that you the world it creates is fairly similar to our reality. I often wonder myself that whether the book 1984 and Brave New World are the blueprints of society. 

The Brave New World has so much power in its pages that it is the evidence of vividly known idiom, “Pen is mightier than sword.” 

It will not be fair and even justified to the reader if I accidentally reveal something from the book; hence I refrain myself from speaking about the literature it is concealing. 

Yet the ideologies and the structure doesn’t let it wander in Dystopian Fiction. I really feel compelled to tell you, instead I will WARN you that the book will, at several points will have you confused and connected to the world around you. 

I have found the map to blueprints of something I believe is of greater importance and I will continue to explore. 
If you have the void created by functioning of society then this book will help fill the hole with delicacy. You will need an open mind, you will have to discard the theories and your egos to dive in the depth of words waiting for you. BUT, this adventure is worth it. 


The depth of plan. 

..”You see Daniel, I was staring in the hole. Those eyes were staring back at me. I swear to god it was not fake. I am not making this up! You gotta believe me!” Said Pamela pulling Daniel’s collar. 

She claimed she had seen her father on the night before yesterday. Who is in prison awaiting his fate to be announced any day and see the world smile one last time from the gallows pole.
“No no, it cannot be sweetheart. There was nothing down there. We did it. We survived that hellhole. Now no one can touch us.” He remembered how hard it was to pull out the skeleton from the grave. As he waited and waited along with the moon, from the gravestone.

“But I saw him! I swear to god! I watched him crawl out of Mum’s grave.” 

Annoyed Daniel hissed at his sister as she went on and on about the episode she had. Maybe she is schizophrenic or maybe the guilt is residing in the Depth of heart, gnawing it slowly; spitting venom at her reality. 

She was surer than the moon that watched over them that night. Yet her own brother was questioning her sanity. She tells him that after they were done digging out the corpse of their mother she watched their father crawl from the grave, he stood next to the gravestone, touched the engraved name and kissed it once before turning his head and fixing his gaze in their direction. 

This is what she has been trying to make Daniel believe, but Daniel was as stubborn as his father. He says nothing was there, they simply dug out the grave, took what they were looking for and drove off. 
It is a possibility that he saw him there as well, but his conscious already knew that the father has been displayed in the public execution. In reality both of them have the gift of watching things that can be either divine or horrendous for normal populous. They see things that are there but the brother discards them as hallucinations. 
Pamela says, “Why don’t you believe me!? You must have seen him as well. Didn’t you? You saw him, right? Why the hell are you denying that! You saw him and I saw him what the hell is happening!? Is he okay?” 
“Look Pam, father.. ermm.. has been executed 2 days ago. The trial was over I just needed to have that ring removed from her finger. Something about it came up after he was executed.  Now if we can prove he was innocent then we can live off well for the rest of our lives.” 
“but didn’t we frame him to take the blame?” Asked a surprised Pamela. 
“we did sweetheart, we did. But you know he didn’t leave anything to us, she didn’t leave anything to us. Both of them donated everything they had. Him to that whore and her children and she did to that foundation she was working with. In the game of becoming great they left out lives deeply scarred. And this!.. this could be our chance! You can go for your modeling career and I might even start something close to a business. But we gotta stick together, we cannot prove anything if you or me say anything about father being visible to us. They will call us crazy and we will lose the case. We need to be strong..” He leaned in for the kiss and his lips parted from the sweating forehead of hers. “We need to be one!” 

Daily meeting with animals.

Roaring Laughter. Roaring laughter. Yes!” Exclaimed Koko, the Ape Manager of Zoo. “So this time when I was managing that Branch” pointed at the tree in the center of Ape’s Cage. “Came a gentleman trying to Feed me Banana. Good god! Was that racist or not. That man dressed up and hiding their bodies in their suits and what not. Even he has the hair much like our own Mrs. Pockey.”

He pointed to the chicken who was gloating as all of them moved their gaze in her direction.

“And that guy was telling his girlfriend that he was going to get the best model’s award! By that classification Mr. Pockey should get at least 5-6 awards haven’t you guys looked at the Cock Calendar? Look at him!” He glanced over the audience only to see he was not there. “Where is that good old Cock?”

“He crossing the road!” Said the donkey with a graduation hat.

“Why would he do that!?”

“I don’t know, but I am a graduate from AF University and I cleared the course with 80% percentile!”

“How many times are you going to milk that cow?”

“Who is milking moo?” Said the Gori Gaay (White Cow in Hindi)

“No one is milking you Gori!”

“Then are you gonna milk my husband!? He is my husband if that man is gonna come again I will report to HR. How he touches me and when he ties me up its barbaric! My own family sees me as if I am some strumpet.”

“No one is milking anyone!”  Screamed the Ape Manager.

“This is preposterous! I was looking forward to Silking.” Said the deaf butterfly from sunflower.

“What the hell,” cried the Ape, “This meeting is over. You guys make everything thing dirty.”

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Books! The sole allies.

Books can accompany us everywhere. Books are patient where we are slow to understand, allow us to go over the hard parts as many times as we wish, and are never critical of our lapses. Books are key to understanding the world and participating in a democratic society

-The Demon haunted world-Science As a candle in the dark.

This verse taken from the book that will compile the human mind in a way that it dreamt of.

From my personal experience I don’t think that any combination of words could have explained the meaning and the role of books in our life.

Books are the sole allies of every curious mind. They can form a fort to protect the mind and as well as provide enough windows to let liberation enter with ease. These books that we once cramped to get good grades are the necessity of evolution. These very books can create worlds and also demolish the world we live in with hippocratic morals.

Books are not just tools to help attaining good grades, they are not just few words and also they are not for “Nerds” only. Books can soothe a soul as well as heal the scars lashed upon the soul by the immoral and unjust hippocratic regulations of this world.

These books have become my companion in my fight against the darkend mind. May they become your cup of coffee in this world of sleepiness. 

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1984, My Favorite Book!

I have spent the most wonderful time with one on ofMy Favorite books, 1984.

The book is written by George Orwell, the famous dystopian writer.

War is peace,
Freedom is slavery,
Ignorance is strength.

The motto of the Insogc!

The story is of a guy who is living in a country totally controlled by the government. There is thought police restricting the thinking process, they are then constantly changing the whole country, manipulating every information and history itself!

“Big brother” the party’s face is the concept that has inspired the show, big brother and many of its other adaptations.

The fact that 1984 was written in 1940’s makes it more fascinating! I was lost in the pages, I found it hard to put it down, with each chapter I was more curious and more excited! How things turned out in the book was the justice of Orwell. He proves that story is more important than any of other things.

There are many elements in the book that will fascinate any person, it might ignite the dim spark in yourself. And yes if you want to learn then this book will teach you many things!

I wish he would’ve written the sequel to it.
It was not just another book, it was an era and it was a surprise!

I don’t know when will I find such masterpiece but this is the book that has inspired many, including myself.

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