Poets in Disguise

Have you wondered how the world would be?

Without poems and stories, that are free,

There is a price for everything in this world,

Even the pride, even the dignified hull,

But what if, I tell you there are things more gratuitous,

That they develop without any apparatus,

These stories that I say are conveyed not in writing,

Politely they stare at the world, enlightening.

These unheard anecdotes of inexpressive stouts,

Can make you emotional, and even intrigue to shout,

These stories that are concealed in their heart,

It would take an eternity to get them to start.

They are shy and reclusive and even abandoned,

In the world of no mercy, of branded,

They stay quiet and observe your every deed,

They are listening carefully to your mysterious creed.

The legacy of these writers is often untold,

But have a journal, in their hearts, kept unfold,

The time will come when these stories will arise,

They are waiting patiently, these poets in disguise

copyright © Philosophical Pen


Alleged rapist set free, if he could touch victim’s feet.

Disclaimer: I am not making it up.

The incident took place in Meerganj Tehsil, Uttar Pradesh. When the cops refused to lodge the complaint of the victim and she didn’t let go of the courage.

She brought the matter in front of the village panchayat and the Pradhan then dragged the accused in front of the police station and made him! I repeat made him, touch the feet of victim and was pardoned.  And she was also told to silence her protest as the accused touched her feet and apologized.

I don’t know about the media, whether they have covered it up by the same passion for Indrani Mukherjee’s case but this case was a mockery of Indian Judiciary System, again.

All the facts given, the Superintendent of Police has ordered the Circle Officer to look further into the matter.

It is abundantly clear how the local heights are using the Nayay Panchayat in their favour and imposing this mockery of our Justice System. This issue needs to be addressed or this will motivate the others to do these foolish things again and again.

copyright © Philosophical Pen

Racist India.

“Look at that Chinese girl. They are easy to bed.”

Said the classmate of the Assamese girl, ignoring the fact that Assam is in India and they are not easy just friendly and living life on their own terms.

copyright © Philosophical Pen


Sexist tales. #7

“My god! Look at the brave lady standing up to her beliefs”

Said the face in the crowd surrounding the man who was getting beat up by his wife. Ignoring the reality that he accepted the beating as his beliefs to not harm any woman.

copyright © Philosophical Pen


Sexist tales. #6

“Yes beta, You should not negotiate with your husband let him do whatever he wants.”

Said the mother who always warned her daughter to be aware of the strange men. Who was now coaching her how to please the stranger in bed.

copyright © Philosophical Pen


Sexist tales. #5

“Hahaha, You pretty girl can fix my car? What are you gonna do next, create one?”

Said the gentleman in the garage to the only female mechanic.

copyright © Philosophical Pen


Sexist tales. #4

“Yes you should get into dressing up! Haven’t you had enough when playing with dolls?”

Said the father to his son whose dream of becoming a make-up artist was shattered with the pricky genital of man.

copyright © Philosophical Pen


Sexist tales. #3

“Sure! Why not! Let the business be doomed. Now I will get advice from a woman? Seriously? Know your place!”

Yelled the man at his wife when offered an explanation to his financial reports.

copyright © Philosophical Pen


Sexist tales. #2

“What is the world we live in now days? A woman god is gonna teach me how to speak?”

The man forgot the time when a woman helped him to speak.

copyright © Philosophical Pen


Sexist tales. #1

“A woman is going to order me?”
Spoke the man in suit when order was given by his Boss. The man forgot about the difference in their education.

copyright © Philosophical Pen