Daily meeting with animals.

Roaring Laughter. Roaring laughter. Yes!” Exclaimed Koko, the Ape Manager of Zoo. “So this time when I was managing that Branch” pointed at the tree in the center of Ape’s Cage. “Came a gentleman trying to Feed me Banana. Good god! Was that racist or not. That man dressed up and hiding their bodies in their suits and what not. Even he has the hair much like our own Mrs. Pockey.”

He pointed to the chicken who was gloating as all of them moved their gaze in her direction.

“And that guy was telling his girlfriend that he was going to get the best model’s award! By that classification Mr. Pockey should get at least 5-6 awards haven’t you guys looked at the Cock Calendar? Look at him!” He glanced over the audience only to see he was not there. “Where is that good old Cock?”

“He crossing the road!” Said the donkey with a graduation hat.

“Why would he do that!?”

“I don’t know, but I am a graduate from AF University and I cleared the course with 80% percentile!”

“How many times are you going to milk that cow?”

“Who is milking moo?” Said the Gori Gaay (White Cow in Hindi)

“No one is milking you Gori!”

“Then are you gonna milk my husband!? He is my husband if that man is gonna come again I will report to HR. How he touches me and when he ties me up its barbaric! My own family sees me as if I am some strumpet.”

“No one is milking anyone!”  Screamed the Ape Manager.

“This is preposterous! I was looking forward to Silking.” Said the deaf butterfly from sunflower.

“What the hell,” cried the Ape, “This meeting is over. You guys make everything thing dirty.”

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The man from hell.

So I have descended on this dirt,
What these puny humans call planet earth,

They seem to fight for which religion is peaceful,
They are idiots in my eyes thinking it’s dutiful.

Oh how it is pitiful, how will they learn?
They lose the love and money they earn.

They waste million in war, none in redemption,
They teach kids to hate, not the education.

They are hypocrites in every sense of the word,
Their lust and greed will devour this planet earth.

These idiots will not learn that Gods won’t need them,
Gods never asked them to raise a gun.

God if wanted he could demolish them in snap,
Yet they yap in his name they trap.

They fight in his name, they fight for the fame,
They forgot his children and got indulged in game.

Lucifer need not to annihilate them and descend,
They are all Devils they will soon end.

copyright © Philosophical Pen

Youth’s perspective, #1

Every song that Bollywood cooks up like a cocktail party is seriously not the only thing we love. Like seriously? Wtf dude? We need something more! We like to party! We don’t breath smoke and substitute vodka for water.

Where are the songs that can motivate us to do well with our life? Don’t you know the cost of alcohol? Where are we gonna pay for that?

Every celebrity is an excellent marketer, you know what you want and how to get it but we don’t want to learn your capacity of drinking (4 bottle vodka, kaam mera roj ka)
You have a serious drinking problem and 4 bottle!? My god! Let me know when you need another kidney.

And while we are on that subject, we also don’t like to classify females with the words “Item” “Patakha” “Maal” “Bomb”.  Kids might think it’s cool! And it’s swag to call everyone they know like that but seriously.. we don’t!

It’s another thing to use a word in excitement. Even we call our girlfriends “Bomb” “Sexy” but we don’t call them “Oye item”. How many girls you know will tell you that their they felt butterfly in their stomach when their current guy grabbed her from waist, pulled her close and asked “Ae item chalti kya?”

Its not about what we see or what we feel. It’s your basic assumption that our raging hormones are making us drink more and party more. Dude!!! I work harder than a donkey to earn 7k at the end of the month!

We are not maharaja’s and we haven’t got the million dollars lottery ticket, yet! So, at the end please stop stereotyping every youth in the same manner. We like to party but we are not drunken dogs lying in gutter and pretending it’s our sweet home.

PS: if majority of pigs are oiniking then you don’t have to oink as well to fit in.

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