Graceful Shiva.

Om namah shivay.

May Lord Shiva enlightens your path and guide you away from destruction.

I bow to Shiva ask for blessings,

For the sins he eradicates,

And his ways of teaching.

Neither a god, nor a father, not even a teacher nor a disciple,

I bow my head in his feet that are divine,

As he destroyed my cunning rivals.

His hand that gave me blessings and shelter,

How he gulped the poison churned from the sea,

And how he contained Ganga, in his hair, in the time of disaster.

How he dances and how he remains calm,

How we look up to him for patience and virtue,

How he transfuses the energy from his palm.

For he is the might Shiva, the warrior and a sage,

For he is yogi and for whom we are same,

Who doesn’t discriminate among the mortals,

Who didn’t became the king to propel.

The Lord of destruction, the Lord of salvation,

Told us how he is not complete without Shakti,

We bow to him who is Shiva.

The third eye of his, omnipresent in universe,

His blue throat proof of his patience,

His rage which contains earth’s destruction.

I bow to Shiva, the Nataraj, the elite,
And I bow to Shakti, without whom Shiva is incomplete.



Samosa lelo, kachori lelo..

Okay I am not a street vendor who offers samosa and kachori, I am a simple guy who can’t afford either of these luxurious items.

That’s right, “luxurious”! The daily consumable items that are known to be cheap throughout the North-India are a luxurious in the state of Bihar.

Few hours ago this new tax has been imposed on the populous of Bihar by the CM, Nitish Kumar.

Okay so half of the Indian population is not poor anymore, this is the remedy we have been waiting for! Pay 13% tax on Samosa and Kachori and..


Welcome to the richer side of India. Clap for yourself, you deserve it. It doesn’t matter who are you and why are you and how much you earn, Samosa Kachori have accentuated to the place of luxurious food!

“Dekh, Gupta ji ke bete ko dekh! Wo 4 plate Samose khata hai roz! Tu kab tak Namak wale parathe kha ke guzara karega!?”

And now the Indian song “Jab tak rahega Samose me aalu” somehow makes sense!

PS: Samosa affordability will now be treated equivalent to affording a “Pilot Pen” for signatures.

When someone breaks your heart..

When someone breaks your heart,

Leaves you lying in agony apart,

Then you should come to me, my dear,

My door will be open and it will remain open for you.

For now you don’t need me,

You will find many admirers,

Right now you are the ocean of beauty,

Flowers will bloom as much as you desire,

When the mirror will start to scaring you,

Youth will also start fade on you,

Then you should come to me, my dear,

My door will be open and it will remain open for you.

There are no condition is love my dear,

But you told me the terms to hold you dear,

When the stars twinkled in the in your gazing direction,

You blew off the lamp of crafted clay honoring the gods of creation,

When your respect will fall in your own eyes,

In your own darkness will make you confined,

Then you should come to me, my dear,

My door is open for you and it will remain open for you.

This is an Indian song named “Koi jab Tumhara hryday Tod de” from the movie “Purab or Paschim” that was honoured by the glorious voice of “Mukesh”. 
The soul of the have not been portrayed correctly because of the translation.