An Ode to Poe-try

This is my story of fighting with depression


Follow the fairy of fragile feather.

Pretentious populous pridely predacious,
Thrive and think of things that are tenacious
Don’t demand from dubious debtor,
Follow the fairy of fragile feather,

Perpetually prodded at previous performance,
Thinking twice at the threshold of torment,
Don’t demand from dumb dictator.
Follow the fairy of fragile feather,

Puppets of poop patting the pigeons,
Taxing the textile of tentative treason,
Don’t deduce the demeaned denture.
Follow the fairy of fragile feather,

Preparing to propel, polished and plush,
Taking the tickets for the tampered truck,
Don’t dump the deranged daughter.
Follow the fairy of fragile feather,

Plots and plots of pits and pots,
Tots and tots of tiny trots,
Don’t demand the dead to drop,
Demeaning the devil to demon’s dog,
Deplete the dark, destroy the dimension,
Dare the demon to decry descension,
Diffuse the death to digressed divine,
Deny the demon’s destructive design.
Do not disturb the devil’s degrader
Follow the fairy of fragile feather,

Back in action!

I am pleased to announce that the blog is back in action. As I was busy with writing some other things I could not pay attention to the blog hence I decided not to pile up random things and make it mundane for anyone. 

Will be posting soon. 

Second heaven, Kasol. Might be heaven:Kheerganga. Daily Prompt.

The last time I needed Witness Protection (i.e. my friends) when I was on my trip to Kasol!

For those who don’t know what that place is, I can personally vouch that Kasol is the second heaven on earth and within a split second it can be “The heaven” on earth. From there, at nearby location is Kheerganga! It’s a 13 km long trek and famous/infamous (depends on perspective) for the thrill! It’s really is heaven, you will be walking between the mountain and that mountain is really gonna test your endurance.

First of all the track is amazing, you are gonna cross Parvati river few times and at one stoppage there is this hut next to the “Tree bridge”, I don’t know if there is any improvement now but when I traveled it there was a log connecting two mountains and it didn’t had anything to grab! Then there are stones waiting for you on the way, to be bluntly honest don’t cross that part at night! I did. And the chances of getting slipped there multiplies with each step forward at night.

At one point where the track turns to right has only rocks at that point, it only need one mistake and whoooosshhhhhhh! down in the river. That was the time when I needed the witness protection.

But when you reach at the top you are able to capture the whole sky, glimmering with stars, hovering above your head. You could talk to your inner self in that peace. That atrocity was surely paid off when I laid down on the mattress, when I breathed in that fresh air of victory, when I didn’t need my glasses to see the world, when the tension was relieved, when no exams were haunting my “S”. I had my Witness Protection to share those moments.

Thanks for reading.

copyright © Philosophical Pen

45 Casualties, 2 dead.

45 casualties in the recent event of escapade. Jacky and Roco, the renowned rebels found it hard to escape between the cross but eventually succeeded with the help of local authorities.

Later it was found, the two rebels were conspiring against the Member of Republic. Even till the last hour they refused to give the names of the master mind behind the vicious operation.

The rebellion dogs, out from the kennel found it easier to get away from their cage. Irrespective of the monitors and cctv camera in the pet-shop.

During the whole episode, 45 cats were clawed when they tried to fought off the rebels. As soon as the chase was over Jacky and Roco were found dead in the street.

Ripped Into the Headline