The Silence of World. 

The world became silent, 

When the cursed ones were cursing the rest, 

When the zoos ran out of pets, 

When the roads of life became grave of dead,

The world stood silent, resting at the edge. 

The world screamed for hunger and home, 

The world loved those painful portraits and poems, 

When the child in picture died outside of the cage,

The world stood silent, resting on the edge…
When the rape raged the rumours of recitals, 

When the masks of humans hid the tumors from trials,

When the apes aged and ate ablest, 

The world stood silent, resting on edge.. 

When the father and mother were thrown, 

From the house they built and the love they homed, 

The children who claimed that house in zest, 

The world stood silent, resting on edge..
When the widows wailed for the waiving warriors, 

And the sun stood shining sinning in somber, 

When the chest of pride were left to rot, 

Then the world came yelling, for the righteous frost.


The curtain call- a poem

Before the stage are those who laughed and mocked, 

With their tilted heads they judged and they cocked,

We held our head low as they went on,

We knew that time that this time will be gone.
We are not aliens, we are the society’s missing attitude,

We don’t fit in, we don’t need to,

We play our games and we follow our rules,

You may cut our branches but not our roots, 

We have what you lost while you grew up, 

In the hope of beauty when you throw up, 

We lie on our beds and we laugh at your face,

We laugh how the society has caught you in the cage. 
Insane, inane, we have many names,

Knights and queens and pawns of the game,

We breath and eat just as you same, 

Yet we are dealt a different kinda pain. 
You find yourself in the eyes of other, 

We smile at ourselves in the broken mirrors,

We use the strength among us as whole,

Come on call again,”nerdy asshole”
We are the V as in Victory’s might, 

We are the wings of eagle’s flight,

We are not broken or shattered at all, 

We are preparing for the curtain call.

Humble and humane

We are all possessed by rage,

At times we deny at times we agree,

Dancing along with the demonic sage,

We are the demons on a destruction spree,

We devour ourselves in the hope to be complete,

We cherish ourselves, only, everything else is illusion,

And this illusion is casted by we,

Where we seek peace in the destruction.

We loathe the sins of other souls in sight,

We deal with our greed on the virtue of sanity,

We are all have none but a little fright,

Seeking logic for our customary depravity.

We setup our rules, we set up our morals,

We define these rules by the ink of fear,

We manipulate them accordingly in the hours of horror,

And for the reason of failures we hold them dear.

For the rage, for the sin,

For the blasphemous kin,

We have the provision for all of the deeds,

Come, come and witness the humane demon’s creed

Senseless morality.

Somewhere, somewhere back in the town,

I was a king had a fucking crown,

With cape and a cane,

Walking around in the heat of the fame,

Bubbles, bubbles from the fucking dam,

Popping around in the kingdom of Man.

With a hound and a wolf guarding my ass,

I picked the crown from the filthy trash,

Inane, insane, waging over the golden game,

Greener grass was muddy as a plain,

When the battle ended after the final trumpet,

There were no customers, I was the lonely strumpet.

It rained. I reigned. Over the broken kingdom,

As I walked down into the hurling conundrum,

My cane was the Flute and I was the Piper,

Every eye was swollen and every eye was a sniper.

Sexist tales. #7

“My god! Look at the brave lady standing up to her beliefs”

Said the face in the crowd surrounding the man who was getting beat up by his wife. Ignoring the reality that he accepted the beating as his beliefs to not harm any woman.

copyright © Philosophical Pen