Traffic Signal.

Chapter 1. 

The optimum model of humanity.

“..aah, the atrocity of the humanity has always been fumbling at their peaks. What is right now will be wrong the other day, as the divinity became tangible and humanity became less and less pure.” Said the lady sitting in the black sedan, that has been stopped here because there is an important minister needs to hurry. Outside whose car stood the child barefoot who had been tapping at the same velocity as the precipitation has found its way on his forehead. 

She was running late, she have been called by the event organizer to remind that the event is gonna happen with or without her. And with her reputation on line, she decided to deliver the speech via the well known means of communications.

She looked at him, and his wonder reflected hers. Putting her hand on the microphone she spoke abruptly,”What do you want child? Huh? Can’t you see I am busy telling these people how humanity is not humanity anymore? I don’t have any change to spare. Shush.” 
Shushing him right before he could speak, the lady sermon resumed her speech, “People don’t even have a minute to spare these days, let alone a penny to feed a stomach that has known food as luxury. Is this society we want to live in!?” 

She took a pause to look at the child again and there he was standing with a hand over his stomach, mouth trying to imitate the rumblings she could have heard if not busy with her phone delivering the speech. 

She spoke once again, “This society we live in has mocked the unfortunates, on the events I can’t even fathom. The simplicity…” words came out as she donned the necklace for the gala event for which she was running late. “..has lost its meaning, the sanity..” She grabbed the flask and two sips later she resumed, “..of humanity has been lost forever in the ruins of morals.” 

The child unable to speak, tapped once more, but little did he knew he is going to poke the lioness. “WHAT!?”the ferocious lioness roared. The whole charade stopped at the traffic signal witnessed the rage she showed.

Taken aback by the yelling child fell on the ground, the scorching road of concrete must given him the souvenir on his buttocks.

She resumed her speech, ” Sorry for the disturbance, there must a loss of signal. As I was saying, this is not how a society should act. Are we this little hearted that we can’t spare anything?!” 

Her other cellphone pinged, the text from boss came, “You better pitch them to give us 1 million, the event alone costed 2 grands.” 

As soon as the kid recovered he conjured the strength and divorced shame and tapped once again. 

To this tap the ears of sermon rendered deaf and the tapping grew but as grew her voice. She lit the smoke while the tapping became constant and the oration on the other side continued and she took a long drag in which relaxed her a little and the glare became less intoxicating towards the kid. 

Maybe she took pity on the poor kid, her gaze became less condescending and she reached for the button to lower the window. 

2 inches it opened and she protrude the cigarette outside the window and tapped the ash right next to the little fella who still had hope in his eyes. 

“Damn these idiots.” She announced as if the kid understood it is directed towards him. And suddenly the her tongue had the name of God, “Thank god this fucking traffic opened up.” 
She instructed the driver to run it at the pace of Pegasus. Leaving the little kid out in the wind. The little kid fell again, but recovered and watched the traffic signal turn green. So he recovered himself and stood aside from the honking megalomaniacs. And waited there patiently for the traffic light to turn red.