One little heart that forgot to sleep, 

In the dreary night to see his dreams,

For the promises that revoked treaties in past,

For the promises in future that didn’t last, 

That little fella knew the pain,

But little did he knew he was in wrecking train, 

For the hope he smiled, for hope he laughed, 

For the workings of world that he never caught, 

The pretty little fella forgot to tell, 

From the height of ecstasy the little fella fell, 

Maybe the previous one just a fluke, 

Or maybe the destiny is a little crook.

He sang, he sang songs of many seasons,

He forgot to cry when he ran out of reasons,

The little fella still stays in the cave, 

Remains fearful walking down the pave,

As someone might stomp again in the path, 

And he will be crushed or broken in half, 

The fearful fella is worried till now, 

In the age of old where the fella frowns, 

At the young hearts chirping on paves, 

Dancing in the sun, basking in hay,

The little old fella flinches at the young, 

As he is fearful what will shall be done, 

How the young ones will be crushed beneath, 

The proud feet, and the hate’s heat, 

But the little old fella doesn’t not whine, 

Neither does it yell, nor does it cry, 

It simply peaks from his windows at the doves, 

To remind the little old fella what was love. 


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