The time has come to write this page,
To confront my wilful gobbling rage.
To kill the sorrows of wretched past,
To see the world through this shattered Glass

It’s funny how the world seem now,
It’s remarkable, I can see the sound,
I can even ride this hound,
Everything is possible, nothing to frown,

I see the gun just mimicking the bang,
I see the atoms having a soiree,
I see the wood welcoming termites,
Planning against as me as I write,

I see the bombs yelling kaboom!
I see the religion as a peaceful excuse,
I see the birds clapping in the sky,
I see the sea shivering in ice.

I watch the borders as the fade,
I watch the eyes as they gaze,
I watch the words to be used as war,
Mamma don’t let them take my car,

I see the man in the boots so shiny,
I see his children so gloomy, so whiny,
I see his coat, I see his tools,
I think he is gonna measure purity of my soul.

I see his gun aimed at my head,
I see everyone one begging to be saved,
I see the border is back on map,
The man is here for my final nap.


4 thoughts on “The world through glass- a poem.

  1. Great poem…I am not a poem person but I have come to appreciate yours…I think it’s time to pick to finally pick a poetry book


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