Disclaimer: I am not making it up.

The incident took place in Meerganj Tehsil, Uttar Pradesh. When the cops refused to lodge the complaint of the victim and she didn’t let go of the courage.

She brought the matter in front of the village panchayat and the Pradhan then dragged the accused in front of the police station and made him! I repeat made him, touch the feet of victim and was pardoned.  And she was also told to silence her protest as the accused touched her feet and apologized.

I don’t know about the media, whether they have covered it up by the same passion for Indrani Mukherjee’s case but this case was a mockery of Indian Judiciary System, again.

All the facts given, the Superintendent of Police has ordered the Circle Officer to look further into the matter.

It is abundantly clear how the local heights are using the Nayay Panchayat in their favour and imposing this mockery of our Justice System. This issue needs to be addressed or this will motivate the others to do these foolish things again and again.

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