It tickles and amuses the subtle me,
As the master of mine pulls the strings,
As he throws me to the gutter indeed,
And tell me repeatedly,
“You are free!”

When my master owned me in my youth,
When his touch of hand imbued my roots,
He took a pity on me when he see,
Rotting in the cage of invisible steel,
My master held me close and made me glee,
He whispered in my ears, “You are free!”

I don’t long for love or the fest,
I know my master and he is the best,
He – the best string puller in the whole wide world-,
Told me “Lighten up, don’t be so dull”
My master pulled me out from the ordinary breed,
“You are so special,” he told, “You are Free!”

He scolded me as well as my friends,
He made me go lost in the darkened end,
But he took pity at least on my family,
He saved them from ruthless anomaly,
My master tamed me as, behind him, I hid,
He told me again, “You are Free!”

When my master got angry on my blunder,
He didn’t talked to me, and I wondered,
When he cut off my strings as I plead,
He threw me naked in the crowded street,
The populous stomped all over me,
My master rescued me, as I bleed,
Patting me head he made me believe,
As he told, “You are Free!”

My master and me are living in harmony,
I am a human and he is the money,
He made me his slave few years back,
When I was separated from the howling pack,
When he found me I was shivering and starving,
I was smiling as he was craving,
I didn’t dare to refuse his offer,
When I accepted to be his chauffeur,
As he took out my heart from my hide,
Pitying myself for the broken pride,
He told me at last as he made me see,
“I was a slave and yet I was free.”

copyright © Philosophical Pen


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