As I wrote my first poem I was high on my friends’ response. They were enthusiastic and they accepted my work with lots of promise that I will be doing something great.
But reality is cleaner mirror than the anticipated blurry image of dream. It doesn’t matter how deep your articles or pieces of work are if the reader cannot connect with the work. If the message is not interpreted correctly, with a slight variation, whole meaning of the work becomes different and even drastic than the intention formed it.

Here, with 1 month of experience I have learned that it can never be anticipated what a reader might like. It totally depends on the market (readers) who, as a whole set the trend.

So, with my experience here, I have found that it’s never beneficial for any artist to have a predetermined image in their own mindset.

Hence, the Key Takeaway is Never Pre-Assume!

Thanks for reading,

copyright © Philosophical Pen


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