So I have descended on this dirt,
What these puny humans call planet earth,

They seem to fight for which religion is peaceful,
They are idiots in my eyes thinking it’s dutiful.

Oh how it is pitiful, how will they learn?
They lose the love and money they earn.

They waste million in war, none in redemption,
They teach kids to hate, not the education.

They are hypocrites in every sense of the word,
Their lust and greed will devour this planet earth.

These idiots will not learn that Gods won’t need them,
Gods never asked them to raise a gun.

God if wanted he could demolish them in snap,
Yet they yap in his name they trap.

They fight in his name, they fight for the fame,
They forgot his children and got indulged in game.

Lucifer need not to annihilate them and descend,
They are all Devils they will soon end.

copyright © Philosophical Pen


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