When I was going for my first job interview it was already staring me in the face and on the top of it the cloud decided to rain that day.

I know right? This was one of the situation I had to do something to make it happen. I did practiced with every friend I knew the interview but that rain and clothes and what not.

Life was throwing lemons and I was tequila to with it. It was Not Lemonade, not by the farthest shot!

It was so disappointing and I don’t have car so and metro was also not that close so it was written in my fate in block letter that I will get wet and f@+$ed. It was inevitable.

It was something I was really excited for and I had to come up with a solution so at last I decided to pack one pair of clothes in the bag and still go there.

I was drenched when I presented my resume but the resume didn’t had a single drop of water on it and after submitting the resume I immediately went to the washroom and changed my clothes.

The interviewers were kind of impressed by this as not a single candidate was dry when they reached if they didn’t had a four wheeler.

Well that’s another thing that I was an undergraduate that time so I couldn’t get that job but I learned something new!

Thanks for reading.

copyright © Philosophical Pen


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