I have spent the most wonderful time with one on ofMy Favorite books, 1984.

The book is written by George Orwell, the famous dystopian writer.

War is peace,
Freedom is slavery,
Ignorance is strength.

The motto of the Insogc!

The story is of a guy who is living in a country totally controlled by the government. There is thought police restricting the thinking process, they are then constantly changing the whole country, manipulating every information and history itself!

“Big brother” the party’s face is the concept that has inspired the show, big brother and many of its other adaptations.

The fact that 1984 was written in 1940’s makes it more fascinating! I was lost in the pages, I found it hard to put it down, with each chapter I was more curious and more excited! How things turned out in the book was the justice of Orwell. He proves that story is more important than any of other things.

There are many elements in the book that will fascinate any person, it might ignite the dim spark in yourself. And yes if you want to learn then this book will teach you many things!

I wish he would’ve written the sequel to it.
It was not just another book, it was an era and it was a surprise!

I don’t know when will I find such masterpiece but this is the book that has inspired many, including myself.

Thanks for reading,

copyright © Philosophical Pen


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