What bores me you ask?

The answer is quite very simple, staying still makes me ( YAWN ). Without anything to do at hand makes me extremely bored.

Not so simple?


Here is the thing, I come at home, tired as hell, I need to relax I immediately go to the shower. The shower indeed is slowly working its miracle and soothing every inch of the body and yet, somehow, I am thinking about a political statement, news, an event that happened, a concept, an idea, a hypotheses, a girl, a woman, emotions, maths, science, social studies, simple as finding easy ways to fabricate, complex as where are the loopholes in my communication, how can I make myself better, how I would have dealt with a certain situation if I was there? Would I have stood there? Should I support this conclusion? Should I not? Why not? What’s not right?

My mind is never still, it can skydive at one moment and land on a roller coaster then dive into the big ocean. It can play with fire and water simultaneously. It can never be still… it can think about water in depth and will never have the serenity of a still reservoir.

I never consider anything dull, anything not worth exploring, maybe that’s why I am never still and maybe that’s why I rarely yawn.

With that in mind, I’ll take your leave I have a new idea to explore and if you were yawning at any point in the post then consider this:

Perplexed portrayals penetrate potential politicians.

Thanks for reading,

copyright © Philosophical Pen


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