This very word is, I have found, the one word that can kill the hope. It’s depressing that one would want to eliminate the possibility of life getting better but to be specific, one feels that the possibility is also shrouded.

The chances of your life being better might be equal to of getting a royal flush in poker but don’t we play it on the hope?

This word that I met many a times in blogs, poetry, articles and even news. And it’s very disappointing to humanity that the word itself has become a marketing strategy. To prove this statement one evidence that you have been brought here just because the title said SUICIDE. Nothing else! Nothing more! Just a plain simple word in caps lock. Maybe you are reading in hopes of finding one of your own, or you feel that I can empathize with your pain, or even I will show how beautiful it is.

To be bluntly honest it’s not beautiful, as poetry might be consistent of many emotions that could unleash a monster or bow your head and make you a saint or fill your eyes with water for deserted garden of someone else’s heart but suicide is not one of those things. Life can be tough, life can make you appear weak in your eyes but it’s up to you to fight back!

We all have that fighter training in our core, waiting for that one opportunity to fight till he can and that fighter never lets you giving up hope! That fighter, that little voice in your head, that promise that you made to your mother or to your son or your friend or the one person that stands with you in every fight; you.

Maybe you are weak now, maybe you are sounding a little low, maybe things are not going your way but that’s okay! Life is the only teacher that takes lesson first and teaches afterwards. No one in the entire world knows how strong they are, they don’t kick those who are down, they refuse to give up, they are so reluctant to the idea of giving up that they refuse to bleed!

I know this world had not treated me the way I wanted. And neither you will be treated the way you want. Let’s fight again! Let’s get up! Let’s do things that makes us stronger! Let’s join our hands to pray for our lives and let’s to the next person you meet! Let’s lend our strength!

Feel that fire being ignited in your heart, feel your blood being the fuel for that fire! Let your life be the legacy of that eternal fire.

Let’s not make this heinous act a symbol of strength.

Let’s not give up when we know we can fight!

If you have ever felt giving up then let’s talk. Leave a comment and we’ll talk. Many of people here will also talk to you.


Thanks for reading.

Philosophical Pen

Philosophical Pen


6 thoughts on “;SUICIDE!

  1. Why does a person have to fight?

    There are two main choices a person can make. Live well or die. I don’t see dying as a worse choice. We never choose to be born. We were forced into this life without the option of consenting. Suicide is rejecting life like how we sexually reject people we find unattractive. It’s perfectly valid and rational.


    1. “Live well or die” is coloring the world in black and white, where is the grey?

      If the rationality suggests that one should be consented because before being conceived than there is an option of not conceiving, which also applies to the rational mind of suicidal tendency. Suicide if was a solution then why don’t people don’t choose it as an option? Why consider that last resort? Why there is a need for a rational mind to elimate every rational idea before accepting it as a rational idea?

      Rationality lies in the on going of events not in stopping.

      Rationality lies in the ideas that are meant to be explored and identifying the probable causes that will be proven hurdles in that very course and not in eliminating the course itself.

      Every idea, including life, needs to scrutinized to the basic essence not just writing it off because one test can’t conclude a hypotheses neither it can classify as invalid on the basis of one idea.

      Sun is enough to light up the whole world and in its absence stars collaborate into honoring that idea. Every bulb, every tubelight honors that idea in its absence.


      1. Rationality doesn’t exist for its own sake. It exists to better the world/self/whatever.

        Sometimes, it’s rational to terminate life because life is not worthwhile to the living person. This decision is up to the person, not to anyone else. Forcing anyone to live against their will is no different than rape.


      2. Rationality and rape are two different elements, and its not about forcing anyone. As you mentioned earlier what is rationality is simply explained in the previous comment and again any concept needs scrutinization if your idea is to support any concept then there is a requirement to analyse it.

        And emotions are not facts.

        And more importantly raping someone and telling them to live is two different things. I would suggest that you educate yourself on what is “Rape”.


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