I Can’t Stand Me viewing my video.

Well for the reason being I don’t like being filmed and it makes me anxious. And more importantly I like work with the people behind the camera.

It might appear less problematic for many people who simply don’t care about being filmed, or have been told they are perfect specimen homo-sapiens have ever seen. It doesn’t reduce the confidence just a little anxious.

The camera for me hides many eyes waiting to view everything I am about to blab as well as my body language and the dressing sense and attire. For a non-fashion enthusiast I find it hard to dress up accordingly and even though, if, the audience doesn’t care about how the individual is appearing the anxiety fight off with confidence in a gallant manner.

Even though when it comes to giving presentations something malignant lies in the eyes of viewers. No matter how good is the research and how thoroughly researched the topic is a simple poke to confidence can shatter the grounding of your presentation.

It’s not defined by the values of how others perceive one but how one perceive oneself.

Thanks for reading.

Philosophical Pen


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