What’s your Reason to Believe? is the most common thing that we come across when dealing with anyone in our life. Talk to your family, friends or foes they all will give you their own idea of believing.

For a shopkeeper, to have inventory, can be profit. For a larger organization it can be a profit as well but on a larger scale and business’s longevity. For a believer it could be faith and for a non-believer it could be questioning.

The question remains the same in any profession, why should a person believe what he believes. The reason!

Reason is shrouded in many emotions, sins, curiosity or even the urge to debate with someone who may or may not agree with your beliefs.

To talk about myself, my reason to believe is based on science. Before I accept any fact I like to scrutinize it to the basic idea of it’s existence. It’s about understanding, to understand why a person behaves in a way, why an idea exist, why an idea is now accepted thoroughly, why an idea was rejected by the mass, why I exist and even why I am writing this article.

All of these things meddle with my mind on a regular basis. I question myself every time I find myself stumbled upon anything. Even your comment can spark that curiosity.

In this way of Reasoning with my self I have found that humans are very complicated and complex puzzles, every emotion and every act they do is the piece of that puzzle and when I arrange the puzzle completely only then I can say I have found my reason to believe.

Thanks for reading.

Philosophical Pen.


5 thoughts on “Science and puzzles: reason to believe.

      1. Actually you never can know what you can do until you try. I think you should always do your part which is to write what you believe in and allow the reader to decide whether to like it or not; and even if the reader doesn’t like it, life continues.

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