Learning Style

Well, learning as difficult it sounds is something that comes in handy when you are able to understand the concept from the basic.

But when it comes to learning I prefer many ways. I use mind maps, mind palace, diagrams, stories, poems and even mnemonics.

Like for a subject like Economics, I linked all of the concept to a kingdom. And I was making every kingdom fight with each other and as dull Economics is it was a surprise even for me that how much I was able to retain.

For example:
For Marginal rate of substitution, it was like this.

The fat monster (equilibrium) can either eat money or labor, for every unit of money he had to sacrifice some units of labors. In both the cases it was required that the king (economy) needs to find out how it was happening.

And hence with careful study of the MRS I was able to write few pages along with diagrams and clear the subject.

And for subjects that needed cramping only I use mnemonics and mind palaces.

Mind maps comes handy when you have read a topic in the morning and needs to fill pages in examination.

I hope it helps you.

Thanks for reading.

Philosophical Pen


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