What makes a book a great book?

This was answered in one of my recent reads(not this one), it was George Orwell’s 1984.

The best books… are those that tell you what you know already.

This book, that I found recently, is full of knowledge and facts and interpretation. I cannot fathom the amount of time must have been spent to collect the data and summarize it in a manner that appeals to a reader.

One book that asks questions to you are considered to be enlightening and those books that can answer to your curiosity are the best one in my opinion.

The demon haunted world, the book that sheds light over common things that we ignore and differentiate between good, bad or evil but without analysis how could one say which is true?

The knowledge that this book has to offer is something that you might be even wondering from ages and got lost on the river of time.

If I could use few lines from the book then I would choose the lines which explained similarity between Politics and Science.

• The values of science and the values of democracy are concordant, in many cases indistinguishable. Science and democracy began – in their civilized incarnations – in the same time and place, Greece in the seventh and sixth centuries BC. Science confers power on anyone who takes the trouble to learn it (although too many have been systematically prevented from doing so). Science thrives on, indeed requires, the free exchange of ideas; its values are antithetical to secrecy. Science holds to no special vantage points or privileged positions. Both science and democracy encourage unconventional opinions and vigorous debate. Both demand adequate reason, coherent argument, rigorous standards of evidence and honesty. Science is a way to call the bluff of those who only pretend to knowledge. It is a bulwark against mysticism, against superstition, against religion misapplied to where it has no business being. If we’re true to its values, it can tell us when we’re being lied to. It provides a mid-course correction to our mistakes. The more widespread its language, rules and methods, the better chance we have of preserving what Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues had in mind. But democracy can also be subverted more thoroughly through the products of science than any pre-industrial demagogue ever dreamed

A great book indeed!


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