Okay, so haven’t you ever wished that there is a need of a background music to our daily life?

Like when you think this is the most important thing today and you need extreme focus, no oopsey-doopsey-thingy to make it go south.

You get that don’t you? You do?!

High five! I thought I had the crazy idea but seems you are with me so we’ll make millions and millions monopoly money.

These are the songs that makes your world go zoooooooooooo! You know like “Get high, Get high, Get F’cked up!”

But as I love violin the best I found this awesomest album, Lindsey Stirling!

The violinist that could dance, and word of advice: don’t try any of the things shown on any videos at work, home or any where! The violinist who won millions of hearts on America’s got talent came out with this album in 2012 (When we thought the world was about to end and… Okay I am gonna be honest.. I ate like there was no tomorrow.)

So, back to where we left, the album! That particular album doesn’t have much vocals and really it’s a B+!  And that one classic redo “Phantom of the opera” is gonna make look Gardening like Romeo and Juliet coming out to enact in your garden as flowers!

Hence, if you need an instrumental song for background, Lindsey got your back.

Thanks for reading.

Philosophical Pen.


5 thoughts on “B+! Background to full life.

  1. I have listened to Lindsey Stirling’s album for some time and I must say, she does not disappoint. Her songs are beautiful and inspiration. I particularly like “The Song of the Caged Bird” & “Crystallize”. Amazing songs.


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