Have you ever looked up for “How to boil an egg?”
“Pancake recipe”
Or even
“How to do-anything-that-your-smart-mind-can’t-do-on-it’s-own”

So you have come to the right place!
And, this is not a cookery show.

I have come across several incidents where youngsters like myself mocks their parents and elderly members of family just because they don’t know how to use a laptop or a smartphone.

Just because they don’t use it for memes, pornography and several other “Dope” things, it doesn’t mean they lack the comprehensive knowledge.

They simply don’t know how to operate a machine, a daily basis machine, but can you fly a plane without someone teaching you?

Or economics! Do you know the reason why the slope of demand curve is downwards?
Why marginal rate of substitution increases at a diminishing rate?

If that questions appear in unidentifiable alien language then you have successfully identified the problem!

20-30 years ago, they wouldn’t have even thought of tapping on a screen to morph few words, or even talking to someone without wires. So, why the rush?

They might not even ask you just because they would think they are embarrassing themselves and then you are making it more difficult for them.

Open up! It’s not like they are gonna declare you prophet of a different civilization if you can explain the things to them.


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