When I was young,
Curious and dumb,
I saw you first as a villain,
On the screen of my television,

When I grew more,
I kept the score,
How many times you beat Harry,
How many times you became weary,

When I was in teen,
I kept track of your every scene,
How you were a teacher and character of dark,
How you taught Hogwarts the Defence against dark arts,

When I became an adult,
Frivolous and blunt,
I noticed your love for Lily Potter,
How I wished you should’ve got her,

Now I am a man,
Glorious and tanned,
I am not keeping score,
I am not waiting anymore,
But the god is not right for this take,
You will be a teacher, a friend, and my dear snape.

Rest in peace Mr. Severus Snape..


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