“Okay so this is how it works!” I snap my fingers, “And I am gone!”

You see earlier this week I was granted one wish, I thought it was idiotic at first but when I snapped my fingers I vanished! Zoop!

Thank god I was listening to rap and pointed at the mirror after snapping or else my friends would have been freaked out.

Now I just use this power to get away and get inside places I like.  Firstly I thought I should go rob a bank, and when I reached there I found out they have thermal sensors. So…you know I freaked them out in a different way.

Right now they must be informing the military about this mishap, or they must be thinking some infiltrator has found a new way to rob them.

Well never mind my explanation, let me tell you about what’s happening right now.

It’s my 22nd birthday and since 22 years I haven’t done anything so this is my first job! It’s my first assignment to steal the papers of Mr. Jobs’ Car. I don’t know why anyone wants to do this but the crazy lady offered good amount of money. Even she wouldn’t have thought that I will literally do this “Unseen”.

Now where this old hag has kept those stupid papers. Not here, not here. Damn! Diamond ring! Shoot.. fake one. Let’s see, stupid card, stupid card, credit card! Nice, more goodies for myself. What’s this.. oh..Kay.. Mr. Jobs’ is a sexually active man so let’s keep it a secret. Here it is!! The key to my problems and his almirah!

It’s so smooth, the lock I meant. Ew! The underwears… shoot.. god kill me now.. okay don’t listen to that I know you listen to me and hence I am like, Ta-Da!

Yeah.. how would you see me, I am writing.. never mind, my mistake. Well I have found the papers I was paid to and now I must go or else I won’t be paid. So long “chukers!”

Now You See Me


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