We as youth are often portrayed as “junkies” or “Senseless”.

But! All of us are not exactly junkies, yes we tend to indulge in recreational activities that relieves our mind but yet again, are we really a generation of junkies?

Whatever your opinion may be on that question but the reality is there are pretty enthusiastic and motivated youth out there. Who are willing to work hard and smart and not just wish to be successful.

Regardless of the gender, caste, religion and even their financial dependency. They thrive! They lunge at every single opportunity they can.Yes they fail, but in order to learn and fight back.

With the exuberance of youth this whole world has been turned into battlefield, where every guy or girl has faced defeat in one way or another. We have the essence to fall and recover. We don’t like to walk the ground that has been worshipped as a shrine but cut down the twinning forest and convert that forest into the halo ground.

When we fall, we almost every time face one single question.

“Is standing back up worth it?”

And by the grace of all gods combine, it is!

The unscathed hands are the inexperienced ones and the one that resemble will of iron are capable of moving mountains.

We are the youth and our passion is not limited to few profane songs and drugs and alcohol.


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