Okay, so you don’t have to put the blame on a word for every thing you do. So, you decide to drive with one hand while other is filming you do that, YOLO!  Then you decide to eat 5 pizza at one sitting, YOLO!

You cheat on your spouse or committed partner because of YOLO?
Then you wanna jump off a 5 story high building because, let’s face it, YOLO.

Okay, so YOLO is like “Mom says no” to everything you didn’t wanted to do.

But think about this, if YOLO could make you this motivated then how about, getting a good job? A nice house? And more experiences like traveling, reading and smart investing, rather than burning up your bank account for one cell phone or fixing your bones.

It’s not right, it’s brave, there is a fine line between being stupid and being brave. Being brave is like knowing knowledge is power and being stupid is using words like ” onomatopoeia” in a fight.

So don’t be that stupid, and don’t cross that line. Treat is as LOC, Line Of Control.

Ps: Contrary to popular belief you are actually born twice, once biologically and once when you find why.

You can put one idiotic decision behind in the light of YOLO but if you are gonna try to break a Guinness World Record then you are SOLO, and your HOLO is gonna be LOLO.


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