I am a force no one can determine,
Yes I broke, yes I cried, but that’s okay and  fine,
I am a human but I am not going to whine.

I accepted my fate for you to see,
I had much troubles but I didn’t flee,
I am fighter can’t you see I am not you I am me

I don’t have to be accepted by you,
I am saint and devil combined to do,
All the stuff people are scared performing to.

So I did what was right, I fight
I was alone but the future was bright,
I am fighter and you will abide.

I was scared, hell I was broke,
Life’s trying to hit me down with every stroke,
God give me strength that’s all I hope.

You neither scare me, nor my loved ones,
We are all fighters one for all, all for one,
Break some rule and you too will learn.

Life is tough and I get that,
You too are strong and I believe that,
Fight alone or along with me,
If you fall, I’ll catch you, & I promise you that.


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