I have a saint and a demon inside,

They are always screaming never quite.

Saint tells me to forgive and move on,

The demon push me ahead to fight on.

In a psychological warfare I am involved with,

My soul is being torn bit by bit,

The pain is real but I smile to look alive,

I am broken inside but won’t leave pride,

Saint is always telling me what is the right thing to do,

Do you feel okay? Do you feel fine? Demon argue.

Saint explain to me why everything is Right,

The demon understands me says it’s alright ,

Go hurt those who killed your soul,

It’s not your fault people are asshole,

You can cry all night but what good it will do?

They will break you again teary you like poop,

Seek revenge it will make you feel right,

You can’t just quit it’s your fight!!

Then saint explain, it’s okay cry,

There are many like you don’t be shy,

Tell me What difference will it make,

They hurt, you hurt them but remember what’s at stake,

It’s you soul still appearing bright,

It’s okay my dear  give up the fight,

People will still treat me like shit,

Some will miss some will hit,

But I am not a thing to play with,

I wanna come out from this dark pit,

But Maybe they are both Right, may be they are my pal,

I am a human, don’t just scream and yell,

I am not insane humanity is my steeple,

but I am saint and a demon, individually for different for people..


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