Welcome to the world, welcome to the world!

It’s always exciting here never a second dull,

Love and lust are not that much different,

It’s a labyrinth of traps, and it’s brilliant!

Money is the ruler, we all are just slaves,

For greed we are killing, even digging up graves,

Promise is a web, built by lies,

Wearing a mask, but everyone denies.

Every story is a melody to ear, heaven to eyes,

Will keep feeding you, till they get their prize,

Pretend and pretend till mask is cracked,

Penny after penny till everything is grabbed,

F’cked up society and their f’cked up rules,

Bunch of f’ckers, don’t take them as fools,

F’ck you a little or f’ck you some more,

But Are you a f’cker or a wh*re?


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