My anchorage is in this rock,
The eternal dance right here.

unbolt me

i am nodding in olden fields
but it feels like a whole new breeze
in this space between two times
i’m a soul scattering seeds
battered, lo, in weather stark
i’m broken within all need
here, upheld by mighty bedrock
so true and tried in deed
the sun, it rolls up none too bright now
then sets on the dreamt for prize
but i shan’t lose this stubborn hope
when all else surrounding dies

altho’ the frost it cake me
in weakness it not take me
nor quaking skies unmake me
because of you

my anchorage is in this rock
shan’t sway in the way of fear
and glorious resignation
it shall be had, right here
i long for graves hollowed of days
no shrivelled, mournful blue
for the chiefmost cornerstone
to regrow these fields anew
‘tis settled here for stumbling on
‘tis grace to comprehend
and so i’m kept…

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