Leaning from the heaven life took a glimpse,

With short sight, short reach and numberless blinks.

Viewed the sighted reach, in aspiration it gloat,

With no wings but lots of hope it started to float.

In every light, in every sight, there was love never fight

It adoring, rewarding, blissful first flight.

Chirruping everywhere, no hatred anywhere,

It was so beautiful the world was it’s share.

But then came the night dogs started to bark,

It was unknown and everything was dark.

Life stood quite, didn’t try to fight,

It was everything it feared but bright.

It closed its eyes, fearful and shivered,

Poke the darkness but it didn’t got cleared.

It cried and cried, scream and shout,

Not single soul helped it, darkness did pout.

It manned up itself looked for its fate,

Then they met their eyes, boy! It was a date.

Life looked into death hugged her so tight,

Death just smiled, she was polite.

There was no more running, nothing to be scared,

Life was at peace, it was death which cared.

The love which they shared was beautiful I bet,

Life was a toddler, running to its mother death…


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