How often a mind dreams?

Few words and proses

How often a mind dreams?

Just when it sleeps?


A mind never stops dreaming, a mind becomes a temple of hope at sometime and if succeed the worshippers bows there. But still it’s heartbreaking as many temples gets broken out of insecurity, doubts. These two elements are usually called “Reality”.

As it’s often said that go to this field you will have a better future. Do you think they actually cares? Maybe 5-6% do but no one actually cares about your future. The thing is no one gives a damn about your future, those 5-6% people are for 5-6% everyone in reality just want to gloat to be the mentor of a “Successful you”. They just want to say, “He was going for something idiotic, it was I, who saved him from drowning.”

At the end there is no I, you will be a memory and your efforts will…

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