Big Brother is watching you


War is peace


Freedom is slavery


Ignorance is strength.

-1984, George Orwell.

1984, the sheer literature and immense structure of the book is quite admirable. From the thought police to the memory holes. The dystopian era that was written and I quote “predicated” even when there was no access to the internet and other fascinating facilities at disposal. In my opinion it was actually scary, that a mind of 19th century was able to pin point the technology and it’s misuse to the accuracy of an Olympic Marksman.
George Orwell, who was a man of vivid imagination created the world beyond the limit of time. Who would have predicted there would be garbage in art? Who would have thought that art would be used to persuade the impressionable minds and actually motivate them into doing utter nonsense. It was him. As I have finished the book earlier, the accuracy, pardon me for being monotonous, was scary. There were many situations where he was mostly correct. One of my favorite was where he points that the music was being crafted through metallic instruments, i.e. auto-tune.
And there was another particular incident where Winston (The main character) had to go to the countryside to get away from constant watching. The kids who weren’t just kids but spies, trained and inculcated to espionage upon their own parents. Where war was a reality, where the “Ministry of Love” thrives on fear and really the most frightening one.

And if the phrase, “Everyone knows what’s in room 101” shivers your spine then trust me you are not alone.

Maybe in few years there will be eyes and ears everywhere, not just developed countries. When “freedom will be slavery”, “War will be peace” and as we already see in our everyday life how “Ignorance is strength”.

If, you are wondering about which book to read next, and you are brave enough to see the world that George Orwell has created, and if you have like literature, and if you like a good story then this book will leave your mind ready to birth a child.


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