Since birth we are taught that we have to evolve ourselves and adapt in the society driven by rules and regulations and restrictions. We are taught to dream then wake up with the sense of reality, to have hope and yet discard it for the sake of reality, to love and yet denounce it for the sake of sanity and to live free and yet have our legs chained to sense of morality.

I apologize to you as my 22 year old self is unable to capture the lessons that were inculcated.

Rest In Peace

Recursively retained as the remainder of the race,

Excitedly evolved, existed encased,

Suppressed in sheet to sheath the surface,

Tethered together to the tedious taste,

Invited inside the inciting ignition,

Never navigated the narcissistic navigation,

Pricked the pin to perform patiently,

Each eye eager to earn economically,

Amidst amass, afloat, accused alone,

Clustered in the cage with the commanding captain,

Eventually evil emanated in the end.


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