The Cactus of Desert.

Some of us are lot like cactus,

We bloom in the absence of fractus,

We desire the desert and without any hope,

We stand alone under the sun’s strokes.

We have thorns as our guards and our companion,

Sometimes we have a flower as a medallion,

But we know even in the desert nothing is safe,

It’s a barren land where would we escape?

Escape from the strangers who would pluck us out,

Shout and shout because of the stabbing sprout,

The thorns are the mask protecting us within,

The people are scared of our precious pins.

The wanderers of desert often came across,

In our path, they say that they got lost,

But we know the truth of what they hide,

The admirer is a mirage, they wanna chop us aside.

Even in the desert they are fearful of our thorns,

We are the king of desert sitting on the throne,

You don’t come and ask the king to give it all up,

For you we are ordinary but for few we are dessert.

The cactus of world knows how to survive,

Even when there is no love the cactus will thrive,

The cactus are not afraid to be alone,

The cactus is the king and the desert is the home.


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