We took refuge in books as reality is ordinary,

Ordinary is not usual but on the contrary,

It’s getting accustomed to the screams of purgatory,

As the reality is Fragile and reformatory,

We got lost on the chapters gradually,

Reality is scary and teaches harshly,

Deafening the wails against popularity,

Receding in the abyss voluntarily,

There must be some peace in the pages we hide,

You won’t understand and you will deny,

These pages that we read are our peace and our ally,

We could be reckless, at moments, but we will abide,

For the sake of our peace let us get lost,

In the depth of these pages, we find our fire in the permafrost,

No shackles of society determining our cost,

The books have set us free to roam across.

Books have taught us the lessons very fine,

They don’t test us to polish our shine,

The one that I have learnt is that peace is a design,

Every character can’t be on the last page,

Some has to bid adieu for the sake of storyline.


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