Once upon a time on the planet of humanity,

Where the mortals were caged in for eternity,

There was a king in the realm of rage,

Who confined city’s every sage,

For him it was his purpose to rule them all,

His pride echoed through kingdoms as he never fall,

His greed and his lust were the songs of the streets,

He became the king of pleasure to satiate his greed,

Then the winter came with a sheet of alabaster,

The kingdom swung along with the winds of disaster,

The food vault was empty and the kingdom wailed,

The king called his treaties but everyone bailed,

He loathed and looted his own people to survive,

The kingdom was helpless so it had to abide,

Lethargy became his cushion to sit in at last,

As he crossed off every kingdom from the realm’s map,

The people finally denounced the king and it’s reign,

He was left alone with the demon of pain,

To insult the council became his final deed,

Even the council denounced him and he was freed,

Freed from the burden of being a king,

Freed from the crown and the glimmering bling,

Freed from the freedom as he stepped down,

Freed from the silk made, royal gown,

He felt the cold of his kingdom as he walked down,

Since his birth he never once frowned,

But now as he roamed amidst the piercing eyes,

The guilt he gulped refused to hide,

He fell on his knees, naked in the frost,

He lowered his head, searching the soul of lost,

In the very ground where he burned many alive,

To keep the kingdom free from sloth and in denial,

He searched and searched for the goddess of life,

She was standing behind him, in vessel of a child,

The king looked at child and asked at last,

“Why a king had to suffer this fate of aghast?”

The child before speaking bowed in recognition,

“Everyone pays for their sin, some by guilt some by destruction,”


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