We are the demons of our own mind,

The reflection we see is inside confined,

Beat after beat the drums will go low,

Drop after drop the vessel will be shallow,

With bones and flesh we roam around,

In the world of masks we are hellbound.

We are the demons of our own restrictions,

Stepped around the neck as the mirage of effusion,

Beneath those manners is the demon chthonic,

Scratching the walls, going platonic,

For the wail that have lost in the twist pathway,

For the war within for the final masquerade.

We are the demons birthed by the society,

The product of division of this embarrassing variety,

We have evolved to hide behind the skin,

From our fire, confined within,

I fear for the day when the demon will break,

I fear for the everything that is at stake,

Maybe the demon isn’t trying to set himself free,

Maybe he shouldn’t wait for the rest of eternity.

For once and for all I will unwrap its neck,

Break it’s chain and let it snap,

The demon was here when the world was against,

It deserves to be free from the act of repent,

It deserves the light outside this fence,

Beware o night, of the chaotic dance.


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