Never kill a heart while it’s still beating,

Let it slow down and adjust the pace,

Kill it when it’s mature and starts dealing,

With the problem, as a kid, it has faced,

The confinement can be built and broken,

But don’t break it if it had to be shattered,

The heart is alone and it has no home,

But still one could live in it and make it better,

It took aeons to learn that one lesson,

That every book has in different words,

But it will fall and wail in passion,

The heart is just a kid and nothing is absurd.

It has kept the enemies and lovers too,

Kept them safe until the world will perish,

It had recited many verse and had gone cuckoo,

It has served itself in plate and waiting to be relished.

It has been sliced piece by piece with a fork and a knife,

Served with etiquettes and the cloth around the neck,

Soon it will be eaten with feelings inside,

The chef will be praised and peck,

My heart has been devoured by many and all,

My world has showed me that love is a myth,

I am hollow now and waiting for my call,

As my heart has been turned into Shit.


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