(My demon is my depression, my ally and my adversary)

Demon o demon devouring from inside,

Let’s stop this game and come alive,

I have had it all in from this crooked planet,

I would feel safe in hell rather than this comet.

Demon o demon don’t ignore me now,

You were true when made that vow,

That you will be there when the souls would apart,

In this abyss you won’t let me wander as discard.

Demon o Demon where are you residing,

I have surrendered there is no need for hiding,

I have gambled it all with my life at stake,

Come claim your prize and don’t let it waste.

Demon o demon, o merciful creature,

I am alone let’s sign those paper,

I am prepared now to let you have this vessel,

I am now not delusional with the hopes of this hassle.

Demon o demon, o my companion,

You promised that night when I was talking to my gun,

You said I won’t be alone in this dazzle of charade,

You said you will stand beside in this dramatically parade,

Demon o demon, come hasty and smile,

The mask is now broken I refuse to suicide,

Demon o demon come and have your toll,

I am prepared now to sell my soul


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