Humanity died a long time ago,

Feeding on souls, hitting a new low,

To live for others is acting stupid,

Death is the God and the paper is cupid.

For lust and love there is no difference,

Now consider this just for an instance,

That love is the key for what you got,

Between your legs for that precious lock.

Isn’t it true that you have been f’cked?

Plucked from a Bush and left to dust?

The rules are simple here, the deeds are acts,

We humans are wolves but we got no pack.

For the sight of love what will you pay?

Will you consider being a demon for a day?

Flaying innocents might as well be fun,

For once in your life why don’t you hold this gun?

Now point at the person you hate the most,

But hug him tight who is close,

Now be free from rules and fire just once,

Kill that demon, deliver one final punch.

You might be relieved for a moment or so,

But did you think for his family or his bros?

Let’s get back to question once again?

Now are you the demon or the saint?


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