Princess and the Ghoul

I wonder how would you look at me when we meet,

Will there be a hug or a formal greet?

I wonder so much how would it feel,

Will you smile as usual or beat me with heels?

What would happen when I’ll hold your hand,

Will there be violin in back, will there be magic so grand.

I wonder, I wonder what would you see,

Will you accept me as I am or you too will flea.

I know dear I am not what you dreamt,

This is not the way how your life should be spent,

You are, what they call beauty with brains,

And I am a ghoul living in the drains.

You are the princess, with the royal grace,

I am the demon outcasted in disgrace,

Your smile is the reason I peek out from gutter,

You have no idea how my heart flutters,

I have witnessed how princes have fought,

To win the honor of tying the knot,

When you blush in the arena when the knights kneel,

And try to win you over by clinging their steel.

I know my love this isn’t what you want,

Not the highgarden of palace, not the royal flaunt,

I know what you want is that piece plucked by god,

Which he stitched inside me and laughed a lot,

He knew we can’t be together in this life,

I won’t be your groom and you won’t be my bride,

He made sure that we don’t sit together on the wedding feast,

He made you the beauty and I the beast.


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