This is the tale of wolf and the moon,

The lovers at lake waiting at brisk to meet soon,

The cupid was curious to see what would happen,

Would they ever meet or the distance will sharpen,

For years that have passed in waiting at the edge,

Of the lake, the wolf waited in his white dress,

It has to be a match for the world to witness,

For the joy of love and dreadful sickness,

He waited and waited for the aeons to come,

Maybe the moon forgotten her darling handsome,

The river of time stood still at the lake,

Maybe it’s a test or maybe it’s fate,

Mocking from the dark mimicking his howl,

He was still hopeful but didn’t accede his jowl,

In the dark and lonely night the wolf was alone,

His head lowered down he began to moan,

“What was wrong?” Thought he did,

“Has the moon forgotten? Has she skipped?”

Pitying from above the gods groaned,

Cursing the moon they shone,

They came below to the glimmering pond,

Asked “Where is your lover what happened to your bond?”

The wolf was surprised to answer this first,

‘Why the gods have descended to land of dust?’

He thought aloud and felt embarrassed,

‘Has he done wrong? To be revoked from cherish?’

The gods were kind they understood the beast,

He is a lover. He is here to plead.

The gods brushed his fur and began to spoke,

“You haven’t done anything wrong, don’t lose the hope,

The moon is a mirage,

Hiding in the dark,

She is beyond your reach,

So do not screech,

She has played with many in the darkest night,

She has given hope burning abright,

Your are not the soul lover of her beauty,

She has many guards, posted at duty,

So don’t be so sad and don’t be gloom,

You are just howling at the wrong moon.”


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