Heart and Red

A saddened thing thrifting on waves, is a bit red and a bit dead,

Possibly an idiot not living in caves, not being afraid,

A poor fella in this cruel world, can’t understand human and their deeds,

Chasing a dream pumping the blood, unaware of darkness and it’s seeds..

It’s the heart that has been bleeding, on the waves of reality,

Thumping its veins on the grains of cruelty,

It has lived it’s life in the ways it chose,

It opened for few but for most it remained enclosed.

There were people who were successful in destroying its exuberance,

There were people who failed in restoring the sanctity of balance,

It has made many grieve but lovers were few,

It often forgot the debtors but not the debt in due.

It is nothing but a stupid muscle beneath,

It is a pariah in this world of lust and greed,

For the world won’t see me as the one of their own,

My heart is not a king but a little freaking pawn.


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