Cold Blooded World

Alone in this world walking alone.

When the sun come grinning head to toe.

When the love will be lost, magic worn out.

The color of dark will consume your shout.

There will be a heart waiting at the end

Rolling alone and making amends

The fire’ll be out, lost in the dark,

Scared and solo waiting at the end,

In the shallow night of frost and black,

Standing in the corner with a knife in the flesh,

Tears frozen at your pale little cheeks

Nobody will be around to hear your squeak.

There will pain,

To remind you again.

That the world is cold,

Waiting to scold.

Preying at the weak.

For the juicy steak.

Stab through the door with their dire beak.

To laugh at the weak and have a little peek

There will be blood.

Dripping in the mud

You’ll realise that you are out of luck.

The hands will be clapping at your grief

Poking with a stick at your dribbling belief.

There will be spark just not on your side,

Left in your body it will reside.

And the fire will ignite, once again.

By the friction of the hands it will beat once again.

When the love will come, It Will forget the pain.

We will fight beside hand in the hand,

But don’t be scared baby I will be there,

With a shield in my hand I’ll jump in this warfare.

Oh I’ll be there,

To lend you the fire.

To fight this war,

To fight their evil desire

When you’ll be broken apart lying in the heap

To lend you the heat when you’ll be cold enough.

To clean off the rust when you’ll bust your nuts

When the wind will slap and wave will shake

You gotta trust yourself and have some faith

Don’t be afraid, let your sleeves be furled,

You are not alone in this cold blooded world.


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