To all those who are suffering from ADHD or any other Disorder. The despair is mutual.


We have grown accustomed to the knife in heart,

We have embraced the silence of the dark,

We are so alone and yet we are are not,

How many alike us? Is a daily thought.

We have smiled in the time of demise,

We have cherished every blessing in disguise,

We are not one you will stomp and move on,

You will need us when everybody will be gone.

We have no ego but we hold our pride,

We are just different but we are all alike,

You could see us smile you could see us weep,

You would never row in the river flowing beneath,

We have held floods within, intact,

We have killed our emotions but we don’t brag,

We have built these walls block by block

We are reclusive and harmless if you won’t prod,

We are mirrors to your deeds,

Justice to the greed,

Our whole life was spent at the edge of the stake,

Are we even humans or just mistakes?

Being different is not a curse,

We too are blessed, we too deserve,

We were our candles burning bright,

We have no fear we won’t hide.

We too had dreams that we cherished,

Beneath your laughs poor bastards perished,

We won’t wail for what has happened,

After all we are just humans, broken and blackened.


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